YM Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim

YM Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has vast experience in the fields of trade and commerce. He launched his corporate career with the Guthrie Corporation Ltd upon the completion of his tertiary education in Australia and the UK. Tunku Aziz was then made an advisor to the Malaysian Central Bank. He returned to the private sector, joining the Dunlop Malaysian Industries before being appointed as Group Director of Sime Darby Limited. In 1985, he left Malaysia to take up a directorship at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, returning upon retirement in 1992.

The corporate leader turned diplomat founded the Malaysia Chapter of Transparency International, now the Malaysian Society for Transparency and Integrity, of which he was the President until 2004. He has spoken widely on the issue of transparency in governance at several high profile events worldwide and has written a book entitled Fighting Corruption: My Mission, published in 2006.

Tunku Aziz is also a member of several anti-corruption advisory groups initiated by the World Bank and the United Nations as well as being a board member of the International Institute on Public Ethics. On a national level, Tunku Aziz was appointed a member of the Royal Commission inquiring into the police service.

In 2006, the transparency champion was appointed as the Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary General and pioneered the establishment of the Ethics Office. He returned to Malaysia in 2007 upon the completion of his task and is now a regular columnist with the New Straits Times.

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